Red Hill Memorial preschool is a community created and run centre.

The community voices that have shaped and developed the preschool, reflect the respectful and collaborative relationships between families, teachers, children and the community over many years.  The preschool recognises the uniqueness of each child and family and welcomes their input in creating this amazing learning space for the children within its community. The preschool reflects the diversity of its families and celebrates different ways of knowing.

The preschool acknowledges that it meets and learns on Boon Wurrung country and recognises the Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin nation as the first owners of this land.  The preschool actively interweaves learning around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into its daily program.

The preschool sits in a rural community and seeks to actively encourage a deep connection and respect for the natural environment.

The centre believes intently that creating strong relationships with children is of utmost importance for their learning journey.  Children’s earliest development and learning are through these relationships and they lay strong foundations for later life.  A safe, secure and supported environment is created for the children at the centre.  It strives to build secure attachments between children and adults and the sense of belonging this creates.



The preschool’s philosophy surrounds children Belonging, Being and Becoming. (EYLFA)


The preschool focusses on the here and now. Slow starts and plenty of time to work through individual interests and wonderings.  The preschool recognises the uniqueness of early childhood and aims to provide developmentally, research based, learning programs.  It believes that children learn best by doing. Play provides the foundation of learning and enables teaching staff to achieve learning under these five learning outcomes- Children have a strong sense of Identity, Children are connected to and contribute to their world,  Children have a strong sense of wellbeing, Children are confident and involved learners, Children are effective communicators (VEYLDF).

The becoming recognises that children are shaped by many different influences as they learn and grow.  Our community supports the development of a strong appreciation and respect for the natural environment. We do this by harnessing children’s natural curiosity and spark the children’s wonder and interest in the natural world. We believe that if children have regular experiences in nature in early childhood, they will work hard to protect and value it as they grow older.

We believe in inclusion, equity and kindness. We seek to develop children’s skills for tolerance, understanding and respect for diversity.

We support children’s transitions with strong connections to local schools and collaboration with foundation level educators.

Red Hill preschool participates in the Early Learning Languages Australia program- choosing the learning of Japanese to link with our local school.

We believe in reflective practice and invite families and our community to help shape the programs and the experiences we provide.

The teaching team actively develop a strong culture in striving for teacher excellence.

We believe partnerships with families are paramount to the best outcomes for children.

We have high expectations for all children and use a variety of strategies and supports to help children achieve their best.

What children think, say, make and do provides the base of our assessments. We have a three-week planning cycle that allows us to record, question, analyse, act and reflect on the evidence we have collected.

The preschool has developed over many years strong relationships with other early childhood professionals. It provides support to families through referrals and works closely with specialists to improve the continuity between practices.