Indoor Environment

The indoor preschool environment is a visually stimulating and gorgeous place for children to grow and learn.

The room is sectioned off into a variety of small spaces. These spaces and the objects are based on educator’s observations and knowledge of children. They are there to scaffold the abilities that the children are displaying, towards the outcomes that we are working towards. They incorporate learning from all areas of the curriculum. (Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Learning, Communication)

For example there may be a puzzle area where children can work on the persistence and problem solving skills. There may be a shared reading area where educators can read to children or they can read themselves or have access to talking books. There may be a teacher directed activity where children can listen to a set of instructions and complete a task. There may be spaces where children can play in large or small groups, where materials will be shared and problems may arise. There will be sensory play such as play dough or water, blocks, Lego and other building materials. There will be open-ended areas where children can explore their own interests and wonderings. There will be activities designed around literacy and numeracy and ones that encourage sustained shared thinking. There will always be play but there will also be teacher directed learning. A group area is a must for dancing, musical instruments, working through our Kimochi emotional program or just sharing and reflecting on our learning.

Educators strive to make the room visually inviting and stimulating. Great care is taken in setting up displays and show casing the children’s work. A real focus on the environment is always reflected in natural displays that engage and interest children.

IMG_E2421 (1)

Outdoor Environment

Our outdoor environment is a lush green canopy of trees that shelter the children as they play in the outdoors.

IMG_1767 (1)

We have a gorgeous river course where children can float objects, build dams and paddle. Our large sand pit incorporates many opportunities for digging, driving, creating and making. Our gorgeous fairy garden is also popular with the children. We have a large climbing area with both fixed and highly stimulating moveable equipment that can be adjusted according to children’s needs. Our outdoor learning room allows opportunities for small group learning experiences with a focus on nature and also provides a dry option on a wet day.

Our chickens, ‘Petunia, Millie Fleur and Peachy’ dart around in the bushes and scratch around and through our ‘green tunnel’. The chicken ‘chiefs’ for the week search for eggs and make sure they are properly watered and fed. The veggie patch and flower garden always have something growing and needing looking after by the children. Tasting fresh produce straight from the patch or tree is always a treat! Our resident kookaburras always inspire some bird watching. Using our binoculars the children patiently search for rosellas, cockies, miners, doves and the beautiful king parrots.