Welcome to Red Hill Preschool

Belonging, Being, Becoming

The Preschool year is a very happy, exciting and rewarding time for your child and your family.

It is also a wonderful opportunity for you, as parents to participate and contribute at various levels. You will make friendships with other families and enjoy the feeling that you are an important member of the Preschool.

Preschool provides your child with the opportunity to freely socialise, explore feelings about oneself, experiment and be wonderfully creative – all within a safe and comfortable setting.

The positive skills, ideas and attitudes your child will build on over the Preschool year will well equip them for future education and for life itself.

“Young children learn and grow best when they are touching and interacting with real things and having caring people around them.”

Important Dates

Term  1 – 2021
Wednesday, January 27 – Thursday April 1
Labour Day Public Holiday
Monday, March 8

Term 2 – 2021
Monday, April 19 – Friday, June 25
Queens Birthday Public Holiday
Monday, June 14

Term 3 – 2021
Monday, July 12 – Friday, September 17

Term 4 – 2021
Monday, October 4 – Friday,  December 17
Cup Day Public Holiday
Tuesday, November 2